More About the Kariba Moon Row 2014

The Moon Row is an arduous rowing event across the world’s largest man made lake, Lake Kariba, and along the Lower Zambezi. The lake was formed by damming the Zambezi River in the 1950's. Lake Kariba is up to 250 km long and 40km wide, the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe runs along the middle of the lake following the old course of the Zambezi river. The lake contains crocodiles and hippos and weather conditions on the lake are like the sea. The Moon Row will involve a team of 12 rowers from the UK and Zambia, rowing in triple sculling boats. They will be accompanied by support boats and the rowers will swop over regularly and keep rowing continuously through the day and night.

The night time portion of the row will take place in the light of a “Supermoon”, and row across Lake Kariba is expected to take up to 48 hours to achieve. The Kariba part will take place between the 10-12th August 2014.The Moon Row will then continue for a further 250km through the enormous Lower Zambezi Game Reserve, staying at campsites in the bush, until the border with Mozambique is reached on the 17th August.

We are doing this to encourage awareness of the need for fresh water and conservation. We also want to encourage young people in Southern Africa to take up the sport of rowing. We are running a Learn To Row Course in Solwezi, Zambia, and we are taking up and coming young rowers with us on the Moon Row

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