The Equipment

rowing boat

We are rowing using three especially made Grebe class triple sculling boats made for us by Rossiter Yachts of Christchurch UK. See here for a video of them being made: The boats will weigh around 80kg and are 7.62m long; and .75m wide. These boats were originally coastal boats that have been modified for river touring and were successfully used on the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition. They have been strengthened with Kevlar as an outer skin to provide additional toughness due to the risk of rocks and crocs. They can carry up to 400kg, and are painted in the national colours of Zambia.


We are using croker oars to power us along the water, these Australian made oars will have done 150,000 strokes by the time we reach Mozambique.


We have two inflatable ribs, also known as "Rubber Ducks" these will ferry the rowers from the support boat to the rowing boats, and will also look out for hippos and crocs.

rubber duck megaphonerubber duck

The whole team is being carried in a safari boat called Takamaka, which has on board cooking and washing facilities. The medic will be based on this boat. Takamaka is being kindly provided for us by Jason Townsend of lake Kariba Inns.

Takamaka frontTakamaka side

On the water itself the team will be relying on a very high powered landing craft supplied by Charles Bender and operated by Reiner Ihman. The landing craft is equipped with GPS navigation, and sonar, and can operate at speeds of up to 80kmh on the water.

LCLC on the lake
Andrew video
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