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Tim Cook

Tim is the mastermind behind the combined GB/Zambia Moon Row and the person who brought together the 1000km 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition. The Moon Row is the next stage of the journey along the Zambezi raising money for the Village Water charity and also raising the profile of rowing in this part of Africa. Tim got into rowing in his forties and has competed in the National Masters Regatta winning a bronze medal in a single. Tim created the Junior Rowing Section at Eton Excelsior which helped encourage his three sons and one daughter to take up the sport. Tim is a head hunter for Russell Reynolds Associates.

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Anastasia Chitty

Anastasia is a medical student at Oxford University. She is currently a GB U23 Rower and winner of the women’s boat race in 2014. Anastasia has taken part in the previous two boat races. Anastasia won silver in the 2011 Junior World Championships Silver, in the GBR 4-. She also Won gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2013 Youth Olympic Festival in Australia.

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Vanessa de Wet - Designer and Art Director, friend of Annie Legge and now Tim Cook, busy most of the time as mum of two crazy kids and wife of a pilot, currently living in Arabia but heart has always been in Africa. Love the idea of The Moon Row and being able to be a part of it. Nes designed the logos for Row Zambezi, Parmigiani Moon Row and Row Safari.

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Iza Nalondwa

Iza Nalondwa is 23 years old and recently graduated from the University of Zambia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a focus on Development Studies and currently focusing on rowing. She have been rowing on and off for the Zambia Amateur Rowing and Canoeing Association for six years. Iza was a member of the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition and will be taking part in the Moon Row in August 2014.

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Amanda Goodwin - Team Administrator

Amanda works at Russell Reynolds Associates in London and is also a part time fitness professional teaching Insanity classes in London and Hitchin. In addition Amanda works as the company Administrator for Ultra Running ltd and has herself taken part in many races including Marathons and Ultra Marathons. Amanda's proudest sporting achievement so far is the 160 mile Ocean Floor race which she completed in Feb 2013.

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Rachel Beaumont

Rachael started rowing 15 years ago and was hooked within five minutes of sitting in a boat.

Having raced for years in the UK she leapt at the opportunity to do a 160km non-stop race around Lake Geneva (three times!) so the adventure of Row Zambezi was the perfect progression. Friends and colleagues often ask the question "What next?!"

Moon Row is the perfect answer.

Rachael is a commercial property solicitor and lives and works in South West London.

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James Stephenson (Stevo)

James Stephenson (Stevo) is married to Abbie (coxed the Oxford Blue Boat a few years ago) and have two children, Theo and Maisie who are 6 and 4 years old.

Stevo is running some rowing courses at Trident College in North West Zambia before the Moon row in order to kick start rowing in Zambia. Stevo is participating in the Moon Row. He won't have rowed for a year so his hands will hurt but he has a rowing machine so should be in good shape to row hard. He rowed for the Great Britain lightweights a few years ago and has run the Eton Rowing Courses for the last few years but he now lives in North West Zambia at Trident College in Solwezi.

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Dermod Sweeney

Because Row Zambezi in 2011 was such a rewarding personal experience as well as supporting two great causes – which Dermod keen to support again. While working for a company called Atkins, a built environment consultancy, he was heavily involved in the water sector both in the UK and overseas and became acutely aware of the increasing criticality of water and sanitation in the world. There are great shortages of both these commodities in just about every part of the world. It took Dermod a little while to get his head round the fact that the UK imports about two thirds of the water it consumes. Just think how much water was used in Pakistan to grow the cotton for your favourite shirt. Or how much water was taken from the Dead Sea (never to return!) to grow your oranges. Or how much water the foreign cow that your shoes came from consumed in its short and happy life. So supporting the work of Village Water in rural Africa is a no brainer for him. The sport of rowing has had a huge influence on his life; in terms of discipline, teamwork and making lifelong friends. So he is very enthusiastic about being involved in a project that will make rowing accessible to children in Zambia’s Copper Belt. It wouldn’t surprise if the boats we leave behind us in Zambia were still being used 50 years from now. That translates into a great many kids benefitting from rowing the way he has done.

Dermod’s concerns are the crocodiles and hippos! He and the team are researching the wild life risks very thoroughly and plan to be well prepared. And at 68 when he pushes off for the start of the Moon Row, getting his ancient carcass through both the training and the expedition will be a challenge.

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Jamie Cook

Jamie is a mechanical engineering student at UCL. Whenever he is free from his studies he rows for the University of London boat club. He has raced at the U23 World Championships in 2012 and 2013, also gaining a silver medal at the World Student University Championships. Jamie received the inaugural Parmigiani Spirit Award, and is honored to have Parmigiani and FISA supporting the event.

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Oliver Cook

I've got the toughest job of everyone, I'm staying behind!

What an adventure the Moon Row and Row Safari is going to that I'm impossibly envious. I was part of the Row Zambezi expedition in 2011 and had a fantastic time. Row Zambezi brought together many elements which I am passionate about. Adventure, clean water, rowing, Zambia and not to mention Dermod Sweeney's 'morning trumpet' and I know that this time around the Moon Row and Row Safari is going to be even more successful with such a great team behind it. I am a full time rower at the moment preparing for the World Rowing Championships at the end of August. Part and parcel of that means a full summer devoted to training camps meaning that I can't escape for a couple of weeks to take part in this incredible adventure. But nonetheless I will be watching, facebooking, tweeting and generally growing more and more envious from afar. Good luck!

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Robbie Cook

Robbie is 17 years old and has two brothers and a sister; Ollie, Jamie and Bee and his dad is the expedition leader. He is currently in the Lower Sixth at Canford School in Dorset. He is studying Geography, R.S and Physical Education for his A-Levels. Robbie has been involved in rowing for as long as he can remember. As an 8 year old his dad took him out rowing and a year later he signed up at Eton Excelsior as a cox. He then went on to race at Maidenhead and won his first cup. Robbie has been hooked on the sport ever since! He currently rows for the Canford School Boat Club and has won bronze medals in the National School Championships in 2013 and 2014. Robbie was the youngest member of the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition when he was aged 14.

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PJ Oliver

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Alex Woods

Alex Woods

Alex is a junior doctor at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough as well as a Research Associate at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford leading research into understanding the mechanical properties of diseased human tissues. He also does some teaching of medical students and Human Scientists at Oxford. Alex has rowed for Oxford against Cambridge five times, twice in the lightweight blue boat, twice in Isis and once in the Blue Boat in the ill-fated 2012 Boat Race. He also did a little with GB Rowing, competing at the World University Championships twice in the LM4-. Alex is hoping to get time out of the hospital to be one of the rowers in the Moon Row

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Jana Loubser

Jana Loubser

Jana has worked in the outdoor and adventure industry for the past 15 years and is a qualified river guide. Jana has led trips in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland and Lesotho. She has rafted the Zambezi between 15-20 times and been involved in many projects including the first Row Zambezi expedition in 2011 where she led the logistics team.

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Leo du Plessis

Leo lives in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. After school he did his Honours degree in Sport Science at Stellenbosch University. His interest in adventure got the better of him and he started river guiding on every possible river and supporting expeditions all over the country. He also started sailing and did his Atlantic crossing in 2007, sailing through hurricane Noel and luckily coming out on the other side. From kayaking and sailing he started to organise multi stage Mountain bike Expeditions. He led the safety boat aspects of the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition and will be doing the same again for the 2014 Moon Row Expedition on Lake Kariba.

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Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte

Gaby is a French Canadian that moved to the UK for university. She is currently in her second year studying Mechanical Engineering at UCL and is really looking forward to working with Village Water to put her engineering knowledge to good use! She has travelled to Morocco, Egypt and Tanzania, and cannot wait to discover Zambia. Gaby will be part of the support team during the expedition, doing whatever needs to be done to ensure things run smoothly but is mainly in charge of sponsorship and fundraising and has set up our Facebook page:

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Photographer - Hamish Roots

As Expedition Photographer Hamish is tasked with capturing the defining moments of the trip. Rather than merely recording what happens during the course of the expedition he intends to produce a portfolio of creative images that will show the life of the team both on and off the water, capturing the beauty of Zambia’s raw nature and help convey a strong message for the work carried out by Village Water and Conservation Lower Zambezi.

An accomplished oarsman himself, having rowed at school and university and being an active part of the coaching team at University of London Boat Club, Hamish’s unique perspective has enabled him to capture the essence of the sport leading to photographic commissions within the rowing world for British Rowing, World Rowing and boat manufacturers. Hamish is very much looking forwards to the challenge of being behind the oars when he’s not behind the lens.

Having spent a fair bit of time working in cold climates such as Iceland and Norway, this trip will be a far cry from the Arctic Circle, Hamish has never been to Africa and is very much looking forwards to experiencing a new environment and putting his time spent photographing the Northern Lights to good use as the “Supermoon” appears during the Moon Row to light the team across Lake Kariba.

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Tom Hammond – Expedition Medic

Tom has recently left the Royal Marine Commandos where he was Paramedic. He has a large amount of medical experience operating in remote climates, such as the jungle, arctic and the desert. He has completed Operational tours of Afghanistan, Africa and in various other Operational theatres. His primary role during this time is to provide Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Care.

His qualifications include:

  • HPC qualified Paramedic
  • Advanced Life support (ALS)
  • Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)
  • Pre Hospital Paediatric Life Support (PHPLS)
  • Advanced Major Incident Medical Management Skills (AMIMMS)

His secondary roles include health promotion, health education and medical training. He is responsible for the medical care of all those within his team. Tom was the Expedition Medic on the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition.

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Wonga Silondwa

Wonga is 25 years old and pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the Zambia Catholic University and currently focusing on rowing. He has been rowing on and off for the Zambia Amateur Rowing and Canoeing Association for 4 years and taking part in this year’s Moon Row.

Wonga is a thrill seeker and the Moon Row will be a combination of doing what he loves; rowing, and the adrenalin rush he is going to get rowing down Lake Kariba which boasts some serious bio-diversity in terms of animal and plant life. The prospect of doing this under the moonlight is just too enticing for him.

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Reynard Pieterse

Reynard was born and raised on Lake Kariba and now does commercial fishing on the lake. He also runs a small workshop where he builds and repairs boats. A keen part-time adventurer, Reynard has extensive experience on the water, from paddling the upper Zambezi in a dugout canoe, to crewing with the RNLI and on racing yachts in the UK.

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Desmond Nanchengwa

Desmond is Zambia’s top sculler and is in the top 30 scullers worldwide. Born in Zambia but educated in Zimbabwe, in 2011 Desmond was the first black athlete to represent Zimbabwe Rowing in a tour to the United Kingdom. He represented St. Georges College Harare Zimbabwe at the South African Schools Rowing Championships, and won gold at the Zimbabwe National Championships in a double scull. In 2010 he won gold in the Zimbabwe National Championships in the coxed quadruple scull (4X). In 2012 he was Zambia’s first representative at a World Rowing event, competing at the Senior Championships in Plovdiv Bulgaria racing in the light weight men’s single scull (LM1X) and recognised as Zambia’s top athlete. In 2013 he competed in the World Rowing Championships, Chungju Korea, Men’s single scull, finishing at 26th.

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Louise Cook - Catering plus other

Hi, I’m Louise, and as mother of four great children and wife of an exceptional man I should be standing on the banks waving my support. On Row Zambezi (2011) I was part of the support crew. We would dismantle one camp to race 100kms on terrible roads to set up camp at the next stage before the rowers arrived which always coincided with sunset! On the Moon Row I will again be supporting the rowers on their quest to race the length of Lake Kariba. As the support team we will be ensuring food, water, rest and stretching happens to programme and will act as additional croc and hippo scouts! My personal ambition is to be able to row some of the Row Safari and under Ollie’s (oldest son) instruction am trying to get to grips with long sessions on the ergo...

I am so proud of what Tim and the boys have done and are doing to raise funds for the very smart charity Village Water. The Moon Row will be a significant achievement on several levels, for Zambia; increasing awareness for the beauty of the lake and its potential for water sports and tourism, for Village Water; increasing the awareness for the importance of access to clean water for all Zambians, for rowing; promoting rowing as an exciting sport and accessible for Zambians, and to the Cook family; another exciting adventure spent together, sorry, Ollie, but you have another important event as a rower representing GB at the World Rowing Championships. And we will all be there on the bank waving (and shouting) our support for you and your boat!!

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Mark Wortley

Mark Wortley - Accountant

I'm an independent chartered accountant mainly helping small companies with their management accounting, payroll and admin often taking on a part time FD or company secretary role. I have been involved in several company acquisitions and disposals and I also work with several charities.

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Dan Culley

Brought up on a ranch in Zimbabwe, Africa and its wildlife and the bush is in Dan’s blood. Dan has been a rafting guide at Victoria Falls; canoed stretches of the Zambezi, including Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, and was a member of the 2011 Row Zambezi trip, this is another exciting opportunity to get his African "fix". Dan will be missing the Moon Row owing to a family commitment but is looking forward to returning to the Lower Zambezi for the first time since 1990. Dan is a housemaster at Canford School where he teaches Physics, runs the CCF and coaches Hockey and Cricket. He is about to take up a role as Director of Activities and Outdoor Challenges. Dan had never rowed until he got to Cambridge, aged 22, and finished up rowing for Goldie in the 1987 Boat Race.

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Daphne Lindsay

Daphne Lindsay

Daphne was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. She has been running safaris throughout Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and other parts of Africa for the past 25 years. Daphne relocated to Zambia with her husband, Ian and daughters 11 years ago. They own and run Zamag Tours & Safaris and specialize in personalized safaris and agricultural tours.

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In Memoriam

Angel Mpeta was a member of the 2011 Row Zambezi Expedition and is remembered for a great sense of humour and a willingness to get involved in everything. Angel was killed in a car crash, along with his brother, in 2012. We miss him.

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